Exit Music

It’s time for fall/winter music and I am completely obsessed with this record right now. It’s beautiful, dreamy, melodic and gloomy. I have this on repeat while I’m typing some of my posts.

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One Lovely Blog Award

A BIG Thank you too¬†http://stoletheshow.wordpress.com/, for nominating me for this award. I’m pretty sure I’ve ever been nominated for anything before and being new to word press I am truly honored. 7 Things about me: – I have 2 cats named Fizzgig and Manchester who own me(no really they do) – I went to clown […]

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Make Me Up Before You Go Go!!

I love makeup. I have my standard brands I use from Sephora, Urban Decay, Mac, and Benifet but lets face it, as awesome as they are they are friggin expensive! $20.00 per eyeshadow!!!?? Ugh, talk about breaking the bank. If you know me, you know I can’t live without my eye makeup. Cat eyes and […]

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Bloggy Mcbloggystein

Hello Blog Readers, Friends, Family, Enemies, Stalkers, Evil Demons and anyone else who cares to read this, Welcome to Kim Brulee’s B-sides. This blog will hopefully be filled with something that you will find interesting….maybe a recipe? Or a step by step guide on how to apply as much glitter and neon orange eyeshadow to […]

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